EREMA filter systems for thermoplastics

EREMA melt filters meet the very highest quality standards and stand out through their robustness, high degree of automation and high-performance availability. The right system with the right size and the right filtration fineness is available for all needs, depending on the field of application and the throughput range.


SW RTF technology

Partial surface backflushing technology involves flushing a comparatively small area of the screen surface in relation to the total active screen area by passing a central stream of clean melt through from the back of the screen. High velocity is possible at the screen due to the small surface area of screen to be flushed at a time, resulting in optimum cleaning efficiency.

Fields of application for EREMA partial area backflush filter systems

  • Recycling
    Manages peaks in contamination
    Improves homogenisation
  • Fibre production
    Ultra-fine filtration at moderate pressure levels
  • Blown film and flat film production
    Fully automatic filtration without interrupting production
    Effective filtering of gel-type particles
  • Pipe production
    Fully automatic filtration without interrupting production
    Reduces costs by allowing higher levels of recycled material to be used
  • Repellets/Masterbatch
    High grain uniformity even during backflushing
    Improves homogenisation

Technical benefits

  • Large active overall screen surface enables the processing of both high levels of contamination and surge contaminants in the melt
  • Partial area backflushing with high cleaning efficiency through backflushing of individual screens
  • Two opposing screens per carrier piston for balanced pressure distribution
  • Lowest possible pressure fluctuations during screen change and backflushing

Economic benefits

  • Fully automatic, efficient and reliable backflushing mechanism for maximum screen service life, long screen change intervals and reduced screening costs
  • Less labour required thanks to automatic backflush control
  • High end product quality
  • Low melt loss

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