VACUREMA® Advanced


The globally proven bottle-to-bottle recycling technology

The patented VACUREMA Advanced extrusion system is the first expansion stage of the VACUREMA Basic technology. Building on the VACUREMA Basic system, it features an additional, continuously operating upstream vacuum crystallisation dryer. This makes an IV increase of around 4 to 6% possible in the process from flake to repellets. As a result the system is interesting for the bottle-to-bottle application field.


Can be upgraded at any time to VACUREMA Prime.


Technical benefits

  • Lowest thermal „heat history“ through single energy input
  • Additional crystallisation dryer used - higher build-up of IV values possible: 4 to 6%
  • Stronger decontamination performance through longer average dwell times
  • NEW! AA (acetaldehyde) content in pellets less than 1 ppm – possible in combination with optional pellet flusher

Economic benefits

  • Total production costs for rPET from Pet flake only approx. € 0.10 per kg of finished BTB pellets
  • rPET pellets identical in consistency and appearance as virgin material, choose between amorphous or crystalline with new CIC – Compact Inline Crystallisation
  • Compact, space-saving design

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