From PET waste to the finished end product with minimum energy requirements

VACUREMA Basic has become firmly established in the field of so-called inline production systems. PET secondary raw materials such as bottle flakes, ground amorphous skeleton waste, virgin material, edge trim and mixtures of them with virgin material are recycled directly to make end products such as FDA approved and ILSI compliant thermoforming sheet and even fibres and strapping. Besides these inline products VACUREMA Basic is also used for the production of bottle-to-bottle compliant, ultra-fine filtered repellets. Minimum investment costs, lowest production costs and high product quality are convincing factors.


Every VACUREMA Basic system can be retrofitted if required to upgrade to a full VACUREMA Advanced or VACUREMA Prime high-end system.

VACUREMA inline systems

What are known as VACUREMA inline applications have also become successfully established. These systems are used to make finished end products directly from PET bottle flake as the starting material. The unique advantage of all VACUREMA inline systems is their increase of value added through the direct production of end products without the detour of pelletising.



Technical benefits

  • High starting material moisture content up to 1.5% and fluctuating moisture permissible
  • Processing of PET melt with stable IV values, minimum IV loss and lowest energy requirements for inline applications or pellet production
  • Large-area ultra-fine filtration as standard
  • FDA approved, ILSI compliant (efsa approval requested via customers)


Economic benefits

  • Low production costs through specific energy consumption of 0.25-0.28 kWh/kg
  • NEW! ecoSAVE reduces energy consumption by up to 12% as well as production costs and CO2 emissions as a result
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Robust single-screw extruder technology, not as sensitive to solid contamination solid as twin screw extruders

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