Laser Filter


More throughput. More thickening. More quality.

EREMA Laserfilter. Now featuring new innovative scraper technology.

The EREMA Laserfilter is a high-performance filtration system. Thanks to its ingenious technology it ensures remarkably high throughput rates with outstanding melt quality. It is a specialist for high contamination contents when pellets in film quality are required and for a number of other tasks which conventional melt filters cannot handle.

Removes contaminants even faster and more thoroughly

With the high-capacity EREMA Laserfilter you have proven technology which has now been enhanced with a further boost of innovation: thanks to the new scraper geometry and discharge system design the contaminants which are filtered out are removed even faster and more thoroughly. This results in first-class cleaning efficiency, discharge capacity and thickening. Service life is also extended at the same time.


Technical benefits

  • Self-cleaning filter system with rotating scraper disc enables days and weeks of continuous filtration
  • New! Enhanced cleaning efficiency through redesign of scraper geometry and discharge system – for even faster removal of contaminants
  • Greater discharge capacity for contaminants such as paper, wood, aluminium, copper
  • Fully automatic, constant pressure operation
  • Top filtration reliability: perfectly sealed system prevents any filtered out contaminants from getting into the high-quality plastic melt

Economic benefits

  • Continuously high filtration performance ensures high melt throughput together with outstanding melt quality
  • Considerably higher screen service life through increased cleaning efficiency
  • Less labour required thanks to longer screen change intervals
  • Simple and fast screen disc changeover
  • Minimum melt losses through increased thickening up to 50 %

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