Hot die face pelletising systems with Direct Drive technology for thermoplastics

The proven EREMA hot die face pelletising systems have undergone another stage of development. The focus has always been on straightforward handling and easy maintenance. The new HG 154 D, HG 244 D and HG 344 D systems set higher standards in terms of functional reliability, straightforward operation and versatility.

Technical benefits

  • Direct Drive technology with vibration-free design
  • Lifetime lubrication of the drive shaft
  • Very long pelletiser knife service life thanks to special cutting geometry and automatic pneumatic knife pressure
  • Automatic pelletiser function supervision with alarm signal and automatic shutdown in the event of a malfunction
  • Optional automatic pelletiser speed adjustment control ensures reliable operation with constant pellet size, even with fluctuating melt throughput

Economic benefits

  • Suitable for use with virtually all standard extruders
  • High degree of operational reliability and considerable reduction in maintenance costs
  • Simple and rapid pelletiser knife changeover without adjustment work saves time
  • Flexible arrangement of equipment downstream of pelletiser
  • Reduced cooling water costs thanks to efficient pellet cooling system

Improved downstream components


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